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I am very passionate about life and a strong believer in God and His Son Jesus Christ. I believe He designed our bodies to need water so we can function at an optimal level. My quest is to educate the world about drinking water and the positive health effects it provides the body, soul and mind.

I want to share a little bit about me. As a youngster I was very active in sports such as football, baseball, basketball and track. I graduated in 1984. After high school with no career path in place, I decided to attend community college and attempt to get a degree in physical education. The passion was not there, so I enlisted the US Army in 1986, I served for a total of 8 years in Freidberg Germany, and California.

Once I was discharged from active duty in 1989, I continued in the Army National Guards for the next 5 years while I worked a full time Job. My occupation was in the Health and Safety industry for the next 18 years as a product specialist and business development.

I was married in 1991 and had 2 daughters named Desiree and Valerie In 2008 during housing market crash I decided to start my own business in The Safety Training industry assisting businesses in meeting OSHA requirements through training. Unfortunately during that time I went through a divorce in 2009.

After the divorce towards the end of 2009 I reunited with a friend from high school, Martha Gomez. She became my business partner and now is my wife, we were married in August of 2017. Together we built one of the largest Occupational Safety Training companies in the United States. Our residence and business is located in Riverside California, we are a blended family with a total of 4 kids and 6 grandchildren.

I hope to share with as many people as i can about the benefits of drinking kangen alkaline water and how it changed my life.